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we are not responsible for printing errors or the way in which individual work varies.

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Free Downloadable Patterns

Quilt Title:  Zip Zoom Playmat
Fabric Line: Zip Zoom
Finished Size: 33" x 53"
Designer: Viv Eisner
Quilt: Have You seen my Dinosaur?
Fabric: Have You seen my Dinosaur?
Finished Size: 63"x79" Twin
Designer: Jennifer Pugh
Quilt Title:  Chasing The Cure
Fabric Line: Project Pink 
Finished Size: 57" x 82"
Designer: Hilary Bobker
Quilt Title: A Gingerbread Christmas
Fabric Line:A Gingerbread Christmas
Finished Size: 22" x 26"
Quilt Title: The Magic of Oz
Fabric Line: The Magic of Oz
Finished Size: 63 1/2"x 87 1/2"
Quilt Title:  Aymmetrical Diamond
Fabric Line: Denim Colorstory 
Finished Size: 42" x 52
Designer: Lisa Roddy's
Quilt Title:  Cat's Meow
Fabric Line:
Finished Size: 50" x 62"
Designer: Heidi Pridemore
  Quilt Title:  Vintage Christmas
Fabric Line: Vintage Christmas 
Finished Size: 42" x 54"
Designer: Anita Peluso
Quilt Title: A Tale of Two Kitties
Fabric Line: Red Rooster
Finished Size: 60" Square
Designer: Jacquelin Paton
Quilt Title: The Heritage Collection
Fabric Line: Red Rooster
Finished Size: 44" x 44"
Designer: Jacquelin Paton
  Quilt Title: Hearth & Home
Fabric Line: Homecoming  
Finished Size: 36" Square
Bunny Henningsen
Quilt Title: Tangled Threads
Fabric Line: Red Rooster
Finished Size: 43" x 54"
Designer: Terri Degenkolb
Quilt Title: Horsing Around
Fabric Line: Red Rooster
Finished Size:
Designer: Ann Baxter
  Quilt Title: Swingin' on a Star
Fabric Line: Flannel by South Sea
Finished Size: 38 ½” x 50 ½” 
Designer: Elizabeth Miles 
Quilt Title: Cool Characters 
Fabric Line: Windham
Finished Size: 39 ½” x 54 ½”  
Designer: Robmin Betterley
Quilt Title: At Home for the Holidays
Fabric Line: Genry Glass & Co.
Finished Size: 73" x 91" 
Heather Peterson
  Quilt Title: Stars of Freedom
Fabric Line: Freedom Rings
Finished Size: 63" x 76" 
Wing and a Prayer
Quilt Title: Animal Fun
Fabric Line: Baby Safari Benartex
Finished Size: 42" Square
Designer: Janet Page Kessler
Quilt Title: Pen & Ink Quilt
Fabric Line: 
Finished Size: 56" Square
Designer: P&B Textiles
  Quilt Title: Sentiments II
Fabric Line: Feelings II Art Gallery
Finished Size: 51 ½”  Square
Designer: Patricia Bravo
Quilt Title: Spots Favorite Colors
Fabric Line: Andover Fabrics
Finished Size: 56" x 64"
Designer: Eric  Hill 
Quilt Title: Blooming Berries
Fabric Line: Leanika by Free Spirit
Finished Size: 40" x 40"
Karen Bennet
  Quilt Title: Sing A Song
Fabric Line: Sing A Song 
Finished Size: 50" Square
Sue Garman for P&B
Quilt Title: Kids Cuddle Quilt
Fabric Line: Shannon Cuddle
Finished Size: 48" x 60"
Designer: Shannon Fabric, Inc.
Quilt Title: Adult Cuddle Strip
Fabric Line: Shannon Cuddle
Finished Size: 60" x 72"
Designer: Shannon Fabric, Inc. 
  Quilt Title: Cocoa Pop
Fabric Line: Modern Mix Benartex
Finished Size:  36" x 45"
Designer: Janet Page Kessler
Quilt Title: Avery
Fabric Line: Fine Lines Fabric
Finished Size: 84" x 100"
Heidi Pridemore
Quilt Title: Peony Tales Quilt
Fabric Line: 
Peony Tales
Finished Size: 86" x 104" 
Betty Wang
  Quilt Title: ColorWorks
Fabric Line: Northcott ColorWorks
Finished Size: 58 ½” x 68 ½” 
Designer: Kari Nichols, Patti Carey
Quilt Title: Hope Quilt
Fabric Line: Fight Like A Girl
Finished Size: 60" x 75"
Jill Reicks for Windham
Quilt Title: Collecte des Oeufs
Fabric Line: Le Poule Collection
Finished Size: 53" x 53"
Beathany Fuller Windham
  Quilt Title: Timber Strip Quilt
Fabric Line: Timber by Windham
Finished Size: 42" x 62 ½"
Designer: Jessica Levitt